A Clean Slate

As 2023 draws ever so close and we ramp up our already ongoing planning and preparation for HamQuest 2023, we have wiped the slate clean here at midtnhamquest.com. New posts about HamQuest 2023 will soon begin appearing here on such things as the where, when, and how much to exciting new features, the return of some old features, and some changes to how we do some things.

When Covid-19 hit in early 2020 we had no idea that the effects of it would continue throughout the year and into 2021 much less that we would, albeit to a much lesser degree, still feel its impacts today. We were forced to cancel HamQuest 2020 due to restrictions in place at our host venue but we managed to hold a greatly scaled down tailgate version (“HamQuest Lite”) in November of that year. This was the first year we faced a significant challenge to holding HamQuest. 2021 and 2022 also came with their own significant challenges. Although logistic in nature, they were not small and required us to move in a direction at a speed that sent us way out of our “comfort zone” and made us really take a hard look at many things about HamQuest such as the time of year we hold it, layout, pricing, and many other items that could and did impact the event. Those challenges, resulting feedback, and input from attendees, vendors, & the Ward Ag Center are at the forefront of our planning for 2023. We have already been working to eliminate, or at least mitigate, as many of those challenges as possible to have a more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable HamQuest experience in 2023. In the coming weeks we will be making the most significant announcement about the Greater Nashville & Middle Tennessee HamQuest since we announced its inception almost 7 years ago in early 2016. Please check back here and on our Facebook page @MidTnHamQuest often for news and updates about HamQuest 2023.

About @MidTnHamQuest

The Greater Nashville & Middle TN HamQuest was first held on July 30, 2016 and remains dedicated to combining traditional Hamfest elements with less traditional offerings that will help to unite the Ham community. The Quest is sponsored by the Wilson Amateur Radio Club, Inc. We believe that the HamQuest is filling a void in Middle Tennessee and it’s surrounding areas. The HamQuest is held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN, home to the Wilson County and Tennessee State Fair. Lebanon is just a short drive from Nashville with the feel of rural Tennessee. We have excellent access to I-40 and are convenient to a large geographical area. There are many different camping sites and hotels within a short drive from the HamQuest. The HamQuest provides a wonderful venue, low admission cost, hourly door prizes and a great balance of new and used offerings sure to make it worth your while to join us.
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