Vendor & Booth Information

This week we were notified by the James E. Ward Agricultural Center office that due to much needed repairs and updates being performed on the Entertainment Pavilion it would not be available for HamQuest 2021 because of construction needs and safety issues this would present as the Pavilion is readied for this years Tennessee State Fair taking place just a couple of weeks after HamQuest 2021. HamQuest 2021 will still take place on July 31, 2021 at the Ag Center but we will be in different buildings this year. We will be directly behind (not in) the TN Farm Bureau Expo Center and are in the process of finalizing the new 2021 HamQuest Layout and will be posting more updates and layout maps as we get the new layouts finalized.

Due to the change in buildings, HamQuest 2021 Booths are currently SOLD-OUT. Everyone who had reserved a booth for this year’s HamQuest will have a booth in the new building. If you have reserved a booth for HamQuest 2021, you will receive an e-mail early this coming week with the updated booth layouts and other information you will need before coming out to the HamQuest. Likewise, our commercial vendors originally scheduled to be in the Cox Cabin and the Schoolhouse will receive both a phone call and an e-mail early this coming week with the changes we had to make to keep them close to the flea market action.