We would like to thank the following businesses, organizations, and/or people for their support of current and past Greater Nashville & Middle TN HamQuests.

American Radio Relay League – We would like to thank the TN Section, Delta Division, and ARRL HQ for their continued support with sanctioning & promoting our events, providing several ARRL Store gift Certificates for door prizes, and their participation with an information booth and QSL Card checker during past and future HamQuests.

2016 – 2022

TNØ7 Engineering is a small business located in rural Tennessee. We have the privilege of having plenty of room to experiment with antennas. I have been building and experimenting with amateur radio antennas and equipment since the mid ’50’s. Some of our more successful creations are available on this website. We believe you will find these systems to be compact, efficient, and will provide you with years of enjoyable communication. We hope you enjoy these products.

2016 – 2022

Debco Electronics, Inc. from Cincinnati, OH was the third commercial vendor at #HamQuest2018!  Debco is a supplier of electronics tools, supplies, and parts.  For more information on Debco and the products they sell please visit their web site at  

2018 – 2021

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“When I received my call sign a few years back, I was flooded with purchases of junk. Fast forward to 2019.  I decided I wanted to build another option, not a dealer who has the same stuff as everyone else, but a dealer who actually uses what he sells. And that’s exactly what I do.  If you see a product on [our] page or one of our tables at Hamfest, you can bet we have tried it and like it. From Radios to connectors we strive to bring you QUALITY.  Sure, you can find it cheaper and we understand that, but if you don’t want to buy it again in 6 months, take a look at what we sell and have already approved. I am always just a phone call away.” – Jim Gifford,  KM4MPF

2020 (Fall Tailgate) 2022

Gold Medal Ideas was started as an embroidery and decorated apparel but they quickly expanded into promotional products. in 2006 by Amy and Ron Kritzman and Sarajoy Pickholtz. 

They started with what they knew well — ham radio and acapella music, primarily barbershop choruses and quartets. Ron has been a ham radio operator since he was 13, and they all sing barbershop! It is a perfect blend of their business skills. Ron is a techno-nerd. Amy is a skilled logistics and customer service business manager and Sarajoy is a graphic artist and web and marketing dudette.

Ron and Amy travel extensively, often hauling a 200lb embroidery machine and bringing Meowsic Cat, their musical mascot, If you follow them on Facebook you’ll often see them “in two states at the same time.” Throughout the years, they’ve had lots of friends and family join them as they travel to events throughout the country. It’s all part of them having fun at work. They love what they do.

And we love to help.  Please contact us for fundraising ideas.

Gold Medal Ideas
1160 Thompson Boulevard
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Phone: 888-478-0041
Fax: 847-876-7508


We thank DX Engineering for their continued support of the Greater Nashville & Middle TN HamQuest with their donation of a $100 Gift Certificate door prize.

2016 – 2022

QSO Radio Show – Ted Randall, WB8PUM and rhe QSO Radio Show will once again be at the 4th annual Greater Nashville & Middle TN HamQuest.  Ted and the shows crew will be set up on the main stage under the pavilion.  Don’t forget to join Ted and his guests every Tuesday night at 8:00PM Central (Wednesday 01:00 UTC) on shortwave station WTWW on 5085khz.

2016 2022