HamWorld Inc. Confirmed for 2017

hamworldThe Greater Nashville & Middle Tennessee Hamquest committee is pleased to announce that HamWorld inc. out of Talledega, AL will return for HamQuest 2017!  They will once again be located in the Cox Hospiality Cabin directly across from the main HamQuest pavilion.

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Mark your Calendars for HamQuest 2017!!

2017-logoMark your calendars for the 2nd Annual Greater Nashville & Middle Tennessee HamQuest will be held on Saturday, July 29, 2017!  We will be in the same location as this year but will be working to improve the layout, several things we learned along the way and some suggesstions you, our visitors brought to our attention.  All HamQuest 2017 announcements and updates will be posted on our web sitehttp://www.midtnhamquest.com.

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Putting It All Together

A Team Effort

Planning and execution of this year’s event took place in a short 5 month period.  It was a very hectic time filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and just plain old hoping we pull this thing off.  HamQuest 2016 would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of several members of the Wilson Amateur Radio Club, the Wilson County Radio League and a few other folks (hams and non-hams.)  We would like to thank the following people for  their hard work and dedication to making HamQuest 2016 the success it was:

  • HamQuest 2016 Committee:

    • HamQuest 2016 Chairman Bill Uthoff, KK4WU – We would not have had such a successful event without the leadership and hard work of HamQuest 2016 Chairman Bill Uthoff, KK4WU.  Bill contributed countless hours of hard work.  He managed to keep all the cats herded up and heading in the right direction over the past few months leading up to HamQuest 2016.
    • Tom Parker, KB4SFN – Tom headed up out booth reservations and took care f all the HamQuest 2016 financial responsibilities.
    • Paul Wieloszynski, K4PEW – Paul spent a great deal of time comiling the HamQuest 2016 mailing list and e-mail campaign.  His efforts greatly expanded the reach of our publicity campaign and resulted in many attendees and visitors that otherwise would not have know about HamQuest.
    • Michael Wright, N4MAW – Michael put a lot of time into creating the HamQuest 2016 tri-fold flyer as well as keeping the web site up to date and full of information relevant to HamQuest.
    • Noah Winslow, N0AH – In addition to getting the first version of the web site online, Noah was tasked with recruiting and coordinating staffing of the equipment test and HamQuest talk-in stations.  Thanks to Noah we had very capable and efficient operators for both stations.
  • VE Testing Team
    • Test Session Liaison Doug Aldrich, AA0BH – Thanks go out to Doug for heading up our Volunteer Examiner Test session.  Doug was responsible for  recruiting the examiners as well as serving as the test session Liaison.
    • Volunteer Examiners – A hearty thank you goes out to the following people for donating their time to come to HamQuest 2016 and conduct the test session: Robert Johnson, N4QZ; Joe Vest, WU9H and Granville Chapman, WD4LNE.
  • We also offer our thanks and gratitude to Skip Gaerte and his crew for coming out to cook and serve a great breakfast for the HamQuest crowd.  If you didn’t go by and get some breakfast while at HamQuest 2016 you missed out on wone of the best parts of the day.
  • There were several other folks that stepped up and pitched in at different times throughout the day and we did not get their names written down to give a shout out to.  If you were one of tose people who answered our call for help we owe you a big thank you as well!!!  There were no insignificant contributions whether it was hours and hours of time spent leading up to the HamQuest or if it was a few minutes spent helping guide folks into place in the tailgating area.  Everyone who helped in any way contributed to the success of HamQuest 2016.
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HamQuest 2016 Is In The Log Book!!

A Few Quick Notes

The inaugural Greater Nashville & Middle Tennessee HamQuest is in the logbook and we are already looking forward to next year.  The HamQuest planning committee, Wilson Amateur Radio Club & the Wilson Radio League would like to thank everyone who joined us at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center here in Lebanon, TN making it a successful event beyond our expectations!  Many of you have already given us feedback on the event and it has been very positive and encouraging.  We were surprised to learn where, other than all over Middle TN, some of our fellow Hams came from to attend!  Places like Sewanne, Ga; east of Huntsville, AL; Central AL; Louisville, KY; just east of Cincinnati, OH & IL!

We would also like to thank the James E. Ward Agricultural Center for their hospitality and for allowing us to host the HamQuest at their facilities.  Without their generous support, we would not have been able to make this event the success it was.

We also owe a big heartfelt “thank you” to all of you who attended HamQuest!  Without your support, encouragement and attendance, this would not have been possible!  Everyone seemed thrilled to have an event like this here in the Middle TN area and you exceeded our hopes and expectations.

Next steps

We are now in the process of going over every aspect of this year’s event and looking for ways to make it better next year.  Some of the things we already have in sight to improve on are more booth spaces (sold out this year), bringing the VE testing closer to the main event area, air-conditioned space for seminars & more tailgating space.

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